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2021 16U State Tournament

16U State Tournament Schedule

Day Time Location Home Score1 Visitors Score2
Thursday 2:30pm Pete Lien Sioux Falls East 6 Harrisburg Maroon 5
Thursday 5:00pm Pete Lien Mitchell 10 Brookings 7
Thursday 7:30pm Pete Lien Brandon Valley 6 Rapid City 320 3
Friday 9:30am Pete Lien Renner Sioux Falls West
Friday 9:30am McKeague Harrisburg Gold Yankton
Friday 12:00pm Pete Lien Watertown Pierre
Friday 12:00pm McKeague Harrisburg Maroon Mitchell
Friday 2:30pm Pete Lien Sioux Falls Post 15 Aberdeen
Friday 2:30pm McKeague Brookings Sioux Falls East
Friday 5:00pm Pete Lien Pierre Harrisburg Gold
Friday 5:00pm McKeague Aberdeen Brandon Valley
Friday 7:30pm Pete Lien Rapid City 320 Sioux Falls Post 15
Saturday 9:30am Pete Lien Harrisburg Maroon Brookings
Saturday 9:30am McKeague Sioux Falls West Pierre
Saturday 12:00pm Pete Lien Brandon Valley Sioux Falls Post 15
Saturday 12:00pm McKeague Watertown Renner
Saturday 2:30pm Pete Lien Sioux Falls East Mitchell
Saturday 2:30pm McKeague Yankton Watertown
Saturday 5:00pm Pete Lien Harrisburg Gold Sioux Falls West
Saturday 5:00pm McKeague Renner Yankton
Saturday 7:30pm Pete Lien Rapid City 320 Aberdeen
Sunday 9:30am Pete Lien Red #1 Black #1
Sunday 12:00pm Pete Lien White #1 Blue #1
Sunday 2:30pm Pete Lien Loser Red / Black Loser White / Blue
Sunday 5:00pm Pete Lien Winner White / Blue Winner Red / Black

16U Tournament Information

Note: A 1-2 team cannot advance to the semi-finals. If a 1-2 team wins the Black or Blue Pool, a 2-1 team from another pool will take their place using Wild Card procedures
Tournament Information
1. There will be two four-team pools and two three-team pools
2. Following pool play, placement games will occur
3. Time Limits are as follows:

3a. Pool Play - 2 Hours and 30 Minutes

3b. Championship Bracket - No Time Limit

3c. Extra innings will be played using California Rule until a winner is determined

3d. Runs scored/allowed during California Rule innings will not count towards tie-breaking procedures

4. Team and individual awards will be presented to the tournament champion, runners-up and third place teams
5. Pool Placement and Wild Card Criteria Is As Follows:

I. Pool Record

II. Head to Head

III. Runs Allowed per Defensive Innings Played

IV. Runs Scored per Offensive Inning Played

V. Coin Flip

Note: If two teams are tied at level III or level IV, head to head will be used to break tie.
Tournament Director - Holly Mehlhaff -

16U State Tournament Pool (Wins/Losses)

Pool Team Wins Losses Runs Allowed Runs Scored
Red Sioux Falls East 1 0 5 6
Red Mitchell 1 0 7 10
Red Harrisburg Maroon 0 1 6 5
Red Brookings 0 1 10 7
White Brandon Valley 1 0 3 6
White Sioux Falls Post 15
White Rapid City 320 0 1 6 3
White Aberdeen
Blue Harrisburg Gold
Blue Sioux Falls West
Blue Pierre
Black Renner
Black Yankton
Black Watertown